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 Journal.  Sketchbook.  Same thing right?
One of my goals for 2014 is to use mine more - a lot really.
 Doodle, sketch, write ,draw, paint.  Yes,yes and yes.

Here is what I did this morning...obviously Snowy Owls are on my mind.  I'm counting this as one of my 30/30 birds - meanwhile in the studio I've been busy prepping big panels to continue with my Swimmers series but today on this chilly day a cup of tea, a warm blanket and something good to read seems to be more like it.
I've got just the thing to read - the Jan./Feb. issue of Yankee Magazine because there is an article about my uncle and couIsin!!!  page 15.
 So Cool!!!

They are The Stove Doctors -  sure would like one of their stoves today! 
check out  their WEBSITEHERE are some great photos too.


Linda Popple said...

I enjoy all your snowy owl paintings. And I also enjoy seeing your journal pages.

Susan said...

Please send me your email address for an invitation to join the Pinterest Board "Leslie Saeta 30 in 30 Challenge."

You can visit the board here:

You can send your email to my email at

Happy Painting!

Debbie Shirley said...

Love seeing your journal pages. You are motivating me to get going on mine ;-)

Too funny about that Yankee article - I actually just read that issue and was really intrigued by the wood stove guys. How cool (no pun intended) that they are your relatives!

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