Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making a boring wall the star of the show...

We did a little furniture rearranging recently which left this boring wall in the dining room.  Our little 1949 ranch is lacking in architectural detail so I am constantly trying to add some interest in other ways.  Plus who doesn't love some DIY when the weather is cold? 

I decided being bold was the only option - so up went the chalkboard paint and then an eclectic grouping of frames over that. - First I just had to add some paint to those too...

 So happy with it.  Even my teenage boys approve.  The light bounces around from the sliders at the right and at night it reflects the chandelier and candles.  I'll be able to switch the wall up all the time too - adding text and drawings with chalk.  So fun and dramatic and really the only cost was for a small quart of chalkboard paint.  A lot of bang for the buck and now a boring wall is the star of the show. 

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