Thursday, July 30, 2009

towel 4 -beach towel series

10x10 oil on panel
towel as skirt. not sure how many of these I'll do - need to do a few more smaller ones for this series and some mid size too.....

summer always plays with my painting time but always opens up time for other creative things too- which is always great...
if you are my friend on facebook than youve already seen these pond photos - thought I'ld share them here too so you'll understand when I switch gears from beach scenes to ponds and fish :)

pond with fountain that I made from a lamp base,plant stand and then hung beads and crystalssharpie pen on beach rocks by the ponds edge

the other lady of the house

Monday, July 27, 2009

towel 3 -beach towel series

24x24" oil on canvas
discovered that my new favorite size to paint is 20x20 and up - and still prefer panel to canvas - although gave it a shot with this one. panels suits my quick,direct way of painting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great Island - plein air

12x12 oil. Great Island, Wellfleet Mass -

this is a plein air that I did last week while on the Cape Cod....

busy working on my big towel series and building a pond in the backyard....also inspired by my visit to the Outer Cape and the gorgeous garden of the lovely Claudia that we stumbled upon......dont you just love creative inspiration!!

- pictures of both to come

Friday, July 17, 2009

#1 -towel series -beach scenes

18x18" oil on wood panel.
#1 - towel series
havent named this yet - but its the first of a series - of course this is a subject Ive done many times before
- today, all super inspired from going back to where my artistic roots started to take hold ( the outer cape cod) I got a bunch of panels ready to start a new series - Ive got about 7 subjects in mind!! - and somehow ended up back here - but I'm not complaining, I like it here.

However, switching things up with the way I paint - challenged by my artist sister-in-law - to use less paint, loosen up, paint larger, embrace my contemporary side more- I'm going for it and its soooo much fun

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wellfleet - plein air - beach scene,cape cod

6x6" oil
While the rest of our gang went to the free Shakespeare performance at Wellfleet harbor - I snuck across the street, sat on the beach and did this little one inbetween rain showers....