Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Downward Dog

6x8" oil on masonite sold
this is my 51 st post! I have learned so much since starting this that I couldnt even begin to list them all. For starters I actually DO like to paint flowers. I really am a 'fresh flowers in a jar' kinda girl rather than an 'arrangement' type of person. Paint what you know and it works. To me this painting works.


Karen Appleton said...

Debbie this painting is fantastic! I sooooo love this composition and it has such fresh beautiful color too!

Debbie Miller said...

thanks Karen!

Kelley MacDonald said...

This reminds me of Van Gogh! I say - go with your strengths... but defintely challenge yourself, and you DO! I like this one a lot!

Bill Brauker said...

I look at a lot of paintings, and I think this is terrific. What great work! I've added you to my links of favorite artists.