Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Rock

6x6" oil on masonite sold
This is the rock I'll be looking at all summer. Today for a good hour or two, it was just me and the rock. So, if you are a Mom and an Artist, you know I had a good day. A rare day and I savored it. Really I'ld like to paint people schelping their stuff to the beach or people sleeping in beach chairs BUT since for a while I was the only one there, it had to be the rock. Plus, it would be a little rude to park my easle next to someone and start painting! Check out pictures of my spot by clicking on the Deb's Studio link to the right.


Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

I like the rock! Great pics of your spot on the beach, too!

We’ve been having strong thunderstorms today ... looking at your photos and imagining what it must be like sitting there painting was like a little mini-vacation for me. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I love your flower paintings ... can’t wait to see what else you come up with this summer!

Debbie Miller said...

thanks karen, it was a mini vacation for me too. I picked a beach rose and had it in a water bottle and had to restain myself from painting it! :) maybe tomorrow

Kelley MacDonald said...

OK. Got my pass. We have to meet up and paint the rock together! I also like to paint people at the beach, but it's so hard at a LITTLE beach where it's so OBVIOUS!