Monday, February 3, 2014

Garland Love

nfdp   February already - can you believe it?  I always get in a super crafty mood in February.  When I (finally) put the last of the Christmas decorations away I peeked in my Valentines Day storage box and found this garland that I made a few years ago.  It features the loves of my life and I used to hang it in the kitchen window above the sink...
 I used leftover wrapping paper from the holidays, some twine, simple photocopies of my husband and 3 boys and a sharpie.  Easy and cost free!!
 my youngest looks about 7 here, he is 15 now - don't tell him I posted this... little cutie.
 This year I thought I would make another garland and this is it:

 I had all this felt and decided that a garland across my fireplace is what I needed.  So I broke out my "SIMPLE" sewing machine ----yeah right!  Sewing to me is like high school algebra - my brain freezes up just looking at this machine BUT in the interest of DIY I gave it a go

 so far so good...until about 3 minutes in.  Trouble starts.  Luckily I was wise enough to save the directions!!

 Bobbin trouble - as usual!  It's always the bobbin.  Then just poor sewing skills.  Got it together a bit after a while.  Now you sewers out there can probably do a MUCH better job than me and I hope you do because the results are super cute!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You are a HOOT!! Why am I not seeing these posts on FB? Girl…. my friends on the South Shore have discovered you and want to follow you!

And I really hate you for being able to work a sewing machine. Of all the things I CAN do, it's this one thing (and yes, I even took private lessons) I can. not. do. Beautiful, and I love, love, love the one with your family photos on them.

Debbie Miller said...

Hahahahaha Kelley! I am soooo bad at sewing. It's torture to me.