Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is how I ship a small painting.... most of the time

nfdp When a little painting sells, this is how I send it off to it's new home...

 The first thing to do is make a cardboard sandwich - this is to protect the painting and also to keep anything from touching the actual paint - I try not to ship wet or nearly dry paintings but I don't want anything touching the paint anyway.  I want my collectors to feel like they are getting a special little gift so I put a pretty ribbon around each package - add a thank-you sticker, some promo cards and thank you notes, the packing slip and put it in a priority mail box - stuff newspaper around the sides to keep it from moving and add a little 'lovely" to the address because ALL of my collectors are lovely!  It is not fancy but it works. 

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Sarah Beatty Lytle said...

Foam core corners!! Brilliant. I will be stealing this idea - thank you:) Love your work!!