A Cupcake Kind of Day (again) - pink cupcake painting

6x6" oil on panel.  .  Recently I noticed that my 1000 blog post has come and gone.  How did I miss that?  It has got me thinking about my first blog post - 7 years ago!!!  Wow.
 You can see my very first POST here.  Many, many cupcake paintings later and way better  photo editing skills these days. (thankfully) 
Today is another cupcake kind of day for sure.

Tuesday are "Teach Art Tuesdays" - I've got my kinders (who I love) and also in the afternoon I've got a group of preschoolers that stay for "Art Enrichment"  - this is how I kept them busy last week- we made Valentine Garlands - practicing our cutting skills! and printed our hands over a foam heart which leaves an adorable print! We made little collage frames for these today - SO Simple and Sweet, my favorite.

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