Cupcake (A), pink, cupcake painting,Debbie Miller

 6x6" oil on canvas. 
cupcakes, cupcakes,cupcakes and more cupcakes.
 Getting a big batch of cupcakes ready to go up to Boston. 
First, I spent Saturday tracking down some interesting models :).  Just wasn't in the mood to paint the grocery store cupcakes, for this amount of paintings I needed to switch things up and get some fresh
 after that massive task - (eh hem, East Bay - we could really use a gourmet cupcake shop!)
I primed 16 small canvases and a bunch of panels.  THEN, I jammed.  Knocked out a whole bunch!!
  Talk about a Sugar Rush!!!
Back at it tomorrow.  Stay tuned, I'll share a few of them and let you know where they are going too.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

Don´t you just love your job...I think it is the only profession where we get to devour the model at the end of the job....I can see by what is peeking through the boxes...oooooo,,,
I am glad I don´t live near you cause I´d ask to come over for coffee....
have fun, can´t wait to see them.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

your cupcakes are beautifully beautiful! because of you I painted my first ever cupcake in my life! I'm looking forward to doing more! yours absolutely out of this world rock!

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