Sewing Project OR How to make Grammy happy

So today , I used THIS

 to make THIS -  a cover for my fancy printer.
 Now I know this is not a big deal to many of you - but for me it is a momentous occasion!  It just may be the first thing I've sewn since the pillow I made in 7th grade home ec class.  So...yeah it's been a while.

 I found this quilted fabric at a consignment store for next to nothing.  MY green AND it has swirly flowers and batting on the back.

 In other words - THE perfect fabric.

 A few years ago, I would have promptly brought it over to my Grandmothers house and her trusty old singer sewing machine and she would have quickly sewn it while I had a cup of tea.  Followed by a cookie and a "wish you girls would sew" comment thrown in for good meassure.

 Gram sewed.  She made all my curtains, pillows,comforters - you name it. She sewed it.  - For my all of us - Mom, sister, brother, aunt, her great grandkids etc.
It was her thing. 

Well she is almost 94 now and basically told us It's high time we learned to sew for ourselves! 
So Gram - this is for you - sit back and enjoy the roses!!   You've earned it.


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