Aistream studio - do you have one?

I'm a little obsessed with vintage airstreams....not as a camping option (although I do see the charm).

What I really really want to do is park one in my yard and convert it into a studio/living space.
I dream about it.  Seriously.

This one is cool - modern airstream studio - although not cozy, bohemian enough. 

This one is closer to what I imagine:

THIS is just ridiculously AWESOME and more what I'm dreaming about.  Read more HERE

Couldn't you picture me in there blogging away with my little dog curled up on the couch?  I can.

 I might even put a "no boys allowed" sign on the door.  - teenage boys not allowed -  besides the kitchen is IN the house. 

anyone got one they would like to donate to my cause??

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Bhavna said...

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