What did you do last weekend?

 6x6 oil on panel. 

 Who doesn't love a 3 day weekend in October?  and bonus beach weather too!  
Did you get some projects done?  Make something or go apple picking?  Or knit something like this woman did? 

I actually spent 3 FULL days in my studio. - Its been a bit over a year since I got this space.  - and I still have to pinch myself and remember that its real. 

Ya know what else is over a year old? 
These cupcakes.
Yup thats right.  Thats why I love them as props...they are like hard little cupcake sculptures.

BTW - my studio will be open during the Warren Walkabout - Sun. Oct. 23, 12-5.
Come by and say Hi.  - 30 Cutler St. suite 210
I promise to have fresh cupcakes.

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