Little Pitcher - daily painting,debbie miller

 8x8 oil on panel - another very traditional still life - and here is why:
1. Ive been completely uninspired lately, not knowing what to paint and how.  Empty canvas syndrome,self doubt,why bother...the works.
----just plain Burnt Out.
2.  My son asked me to paint this.

-  I had my travel paints still in the car after going to Open Portrait Painting.  (which I love)
Seeing last weeks portrait sitting on the mantel drying, my son asked "How do you do that? Show me" - and well...he is not one to take no for an answer so I agreed.
 - BUT we were the only ones home with noone to we improvised with the pitcher of flowers.

Got me thinking that it might be interesting to post my process sometime OR make a video - stay tuned!

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Barbara Pask said...

Just beautiful Debbie. Your pitcher is painted so well, it really has the feel of china.

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