Barn Swallows - Debbie Miller

30x30 oil on panel  NFS
  Lately Ive been all over the place - going from one thing to the next, trying to figure out what it is I want to paint ...or DO for that matter.
  It happens. 

So what do you do when this occurs?  Taking a break helps, a change of scenery helps
 But then keep going,  and keep doing.
Or in my case keep painting.

Painting is the one thing that I know I WANT to do - its the 'what kind of painter' that Ive been struggling with. 
Sometimes after pushing through something good comes of it - a spark of an idea that excites. 
This painting is that for me  - this is something I can get excited about right now.
Rock on.

Here it is in its new home - my mothers blue living room.  Btw - how cool is it that my Mom had the guts to paint her room this color??
 Still needs a frame (something simple) but it sings against those walls AND my mother loves barn swallows so we're all happy
The idea came from the pink bird painting that was on the cover of last months House Beautiful, tried to find the artist but it didnt give one.


Heidi said...


This is a beautiful painting. I love how there are layers of birds, yet a simple design. You're right, too, it looks GREAT on your mom's wall!

You are doing lovely work.

Fay Terry said...

Great painting, Debbie! I think it's good that you are all over the place-I feel that way with my painting a lot of the time but sometimes the restlessness is uncomfortable. I saw that gorgeous painting in House Beautiful and went crazy over it-I couldn't find out the artist either. I love the way you did your barn swallows and it really looks terrific on that blue wall.

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