Tuesday, February 2, 2010

P-#2 - Yellow Dress, figurative,do what you love february

6x6" oil.
Portrait #2. Yellow Dress. love this project. Painting this small isnt going to cut it. too restricting, so I'm priming some bigger panels.

In every painting there is a spot that I fall in love with - all painters are like that, although Ive never asked any - I can just tell :).
For me on this painting its the yellow of her dress on the shoulder. no reason really - just love that part


Kim said...

For me, it's the left eye (from the viewers p.o.v). The strokes on the eyelid are terrific!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Beautiful piece.
You are right about this yellow dress around the shoulder.
Also the red is a nice add on.
She is SOOOO cute.

Debbie Miller said...

thanks! I like the eye too :)

i paint on a reddish ground so the red is peaking through

Linda said...

I like her expression. She is soooo cute! Nice painting.

Kerri Settle said...

I love how the yellow dress pops against the red underpainting. It sings!