Stand out in the crowd - daily painting,cupcakes

6x6" oil -

today - all excited to start my first week in the studio with Internet, - got here and NOPE - no Internet. faulty router. So - while waiting for the cable guy to show, these little guys got their chance to be painted. so cute.

tomorrow is Feb 1 - can you believe it?? The looongest shortest month if you you live in an area that has a snowy winter -

to GET thru it in one piece - I like to have a creative project - something to challenge me and inspire me.....a few years ago some like minded folk and I started a face book group called "do what you love, February" and this year we're at it again.

Ideally I'd love everyone to post onto our flickr group that Ive set up for all of us to share what were doing!

So far - everyone seems a little flickr timid :( It easy and fun! don't be shy!!

This is an invite for any of you who would like to join in! - there is a link button to the group over there in the left column or click HERE !

BTW - I'm going to paint cupcakes everyday....JUST KIDDING....actually haven't decided yet - might be a portrait a day again - and I'm going vegan for the month just for fun :)

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