Other stuff

More tech stuff :) - check out the sidebar <= on the left Ive added 2 new button thingys (do they have an official name?? or does button thingy work?)

- One is for a tutorial on how I make the panels that I paint on - basic, easy and economical - if you paint daily -they pile up fast! these will at least keep the cost down.

-The other is a link to a flickr group I just set up. - "Do What You Love, February" - a page for the creative group I started on facebook a couple of years ago - to inspire people to tap into their creative spirit and challenge themselves to use it everyday in February
...what better way to get through the mid winter doldrums right?
You are welcome to join the fun!!

OK - back to the easel (my youngest son said "Jeez Mom, I didn't know being an artist means doing so much Other stuff" ....truer words ...)

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