8"x8" oil on wood panel
more experimenting here.
this is on a 1/4 inch board with black edges and a cutout in the back for easy hanging.

A beach break is a surfing term for when a wave breaks over the sandy bottom rolling into the beach, but I also like the idea of a 'beach break' - taking time out of our regular lives to go to the beach-

-speaking of regular lives: posting early today because I teach kindergarten art on tuesdays.

- I'm thinking about teaching some kind of workshop for adults in 2009 too - any thoughts on that?

-also, I totally appreciate EVERY comment and email I get - lately Ive been slow to respond - due to my busy fall schedule and sharing my computer with a teenager and a couple of pre-teens! - keep the comments coming though! I really do read them and enjoy them.

kelley - no special days in Oct. - just my favorite month here in NE.

Anne M - I sent you an email. did you get it? send me an email, I'ld be glad to help you out.

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