Tuesday, January 22, 2008


9x12" oil on masonite
Last night, I was making panels in my new work room and my son came down and asked if I'ld paint him.
this is the result - a quick 40 min. study (about as much as- even an eager- 9 yr old can take) he was a great model, busy with his Nintendo DS, wearing a huge sweatshirt, I think he only said "Are you done yet?" about 28 times, which isnt bad for 40 min.
****meanwhile**** This months Art Calender magazine has a great article about DailyPainters.com. I got my copy at Borders but you can also see it here. And I"M QUOTED in it!! cool.


William R. Moore said...

How great, he must be interested and that is a long sit for a nine year old. You did great in the short 40 minute session. Before all of the game boys; Xmen on TV use to work for me and if the TV was high enough I could get a pose with the head up a little. :0)

Debbie Miller said...

I think I should be able to get a few paintings done while they play Guitar Hero...if I can take listening to Barracuda over and over ;-)

Showing up for the Muse said...

I get my 12 year old to pose- and I have to paint fast- but the worst os my 16 year old- he is so self conscious- he fidgets and wants to see the progress and frets over the line of his nose, etc... the most lovely thing about 9 is they still trust you!