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Strove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, the night before Lent - what ever you want to call it, it meant one thing in my Grandmothers house - 

A sinfully delicious treat made by women of Azorean descent for generations.  My Grandmother and Great Grandmother would fry batches of them, filling the house up with the most amazing smell and trays of sugared fried dough.

 This was my first year carrying on the tradition and I think I did my Grandma proud.
I used her go-to recipe from this book and her favorite big bowl.
 You can still get this book HERE  - and you should it is a great collection of recipes and a little history too
QUICK-  get the last one!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

One of the great things about growing up in a predominantly Portuguese community is getting to feast on these gems! I think you can hold your own with the 'White Rose Bakery' in Fall River, who say they have the 'best'!

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