Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Next Set - big

12x12" oil on gessoboard $300
this is the 'bigger' Next Set. Ive done a few versions of this image in different sizes, trying things out. Just like its tough to turn a sketch from a sketchbook into a more complete drawing/painting, it is also hard to paint an image again and bigger. So I kept working this one until I was happy. Had to learn which of my 'big' brushes would be my 'go to' ones and had to learn to keep the freshness...


E. Floyd said...

Love the bright colors - deep blues and turqouises- along with the way you captured the kids in the waves.

Deborah Ross said...

This reminds me of all the summers in Nags Head with my children and their cousins.....sunburn, counting heads, sand castles, sand in the house, pizzas, playing games,lots of unforgettable fun.
Your work is lively and colorful and I like it alot.