Monday, July 27, 2009

towel 3 -beach towel series

24x24" oil on canvas
discovered that my new favorite size to paint is 20x20 and up - and still prefer panel to canvas - although gave it a shot with this one. panels suits my quick,direct way of painting


Avocaken said...

I'm with you on the panel over canvas - and bigger. I do "studies" on the small 12x12 & smaller for the BIG 20x30 & larger. Larger is easier for me, for some reason! And I don't seem to use that much more paint! Love your "towels" series by the way. Really cool. Reminds me of when my daughters were young.

Ken B.

lissa said...

I love that painting and i am wondering if i could buy a large print of that painting. Is that possible?
Thank you,