Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Session 2 - daily painting,beach scene,surfing

8x10 nfs oil on masonite panel. Winter Session.


Karen Appleton said...

Love it!

McColl said...

I am here in Connecticut (Monday Noreaster) and my beaches look more snowy than what you've painted.
Is there such a thing as winter surfing in RI?
I still love the painter look. Sand, sky and pose just a lovely composition, makes me want to be there.

Roxanne Steed said...

I've seen guys surfing in Westerly in ridiculously cold times of the year. I thought it was nuts when I lived in Virginia (as I'm from FL), but this really was a shocker! Sure made me look! Beauty of a painting, btw!

Debbie Miller said...

I painted this a week ago before the big snow! and its 'made up' from my memories. and YES! winter surfing in RI - often the best waves are in winter. My brother has been surfing in the winter his whole life

Clair Hartmann said...

I love your surf paintings! The style of your brushwork make it seem effortless!! Good Job!