Teach Art Tuesdays - Movement Sculptures

A  favorite project I do every year with my kindergarten art students - Movement Sculptures!
It takes several 30 min. classes to complete and is SO worth it.  The students work hard on these and are very proud of the results.  Here is How to do it:
We start off talking about what a sculpture is and how we can show movement with our sculptures.  Then we make a skeleton using pipe cleaners and covering them with tin foil.  A little wad of self drying clay is used as a base. 

You can get plaster cloth at most art supply stores or order it online.

I attach the statues to a block of wood.  This year I had them sand the edges and paint the block black. 
The final session is all about dressing them.  The kids LOVE this part.  I put out yarn, scraps of ribbon, pom poms, buttons, do-dads, yarn and glue and scissors.  The creativity flows! 

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