Are you in a creative rut? I am.

 Can you say "Rut"?  I can - because I'm in one.  Like an addict, admitting it is the first step.
 So what is the creatively challenged to do?

Hunker down and just get to work.
 Stop making excuses and make some art.
 Sounds simple right?
Well it is.  .....sort of.  Sometimes some help - or a swift kick in the butt is needed.
   Luckily, while  searching for something very important on the internet (ok - pinterest specifically : that time crusher dressed in beautiful clothing)  I came across Twyla Tharps book "The Creative Habit".
 Which is the Best. Book. Ever.    The 'kick' I needed.   Reading and rereading it now - getting ready to start doing the exercises at the end of each chapter.  Starting with my sketchbook.  It always starts with the sketchbook doesn't it?  Why do so many go half filled and forgotten?
No more - from now on my sketchbook is going everywhere.
That will cover #1 - find your pencil - the one creative tool needed.  After that 2-building a tolerance for solitude (no problem there,  being alone rules), 3-Facing your Fears - ok this one is big, time to make a list  and 4 - Going without for 1 week - take a week off from clutter and distractions ....hmmm like pinterest and social media? duh.

So if you see me with a pen in a little red book just smile and know that I'm doing my Twyla homework, getting one step closer to breaking the block.



smarty said...

I did take down and put away Christmas - and let me tell you THAT is no easy job. I don't know about you but I decorate by bringing the holiday stuff out a little at a time - some garland here,some ornaments there - its a PROCESS.

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Jim Serrett said...

Do or do not.
There is no try.

Pat Voelz said...

Hi Debbie:
Everyone has some of those problems and my solution is to just go back to being a painter. We get way to pressured to participate in all the marketing avenues. In my opinion, artists just need to paint what is interesting to them. That is hard sometime to do a commission as it may not be what you want. Try it! Pat Voelz

Nancy Colella said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing THAT! We all get there at some point. YOU are taking all the right steps. Keep us posted.

Christine Beall said...

Hi Debbie, I just want to say that I love your work. I have followed your blog for years and just added you to my list of fellow artists on my blog -

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