Got a Goal for the Summer?

6x6" oil on canvas.  A Little Beachy.
Ah Summer... hello.  
What are you doing this summer with your art? 
taking a workshop? doing a few outdoor art shows? plein air painting? 
ALL or NONE of the above? 
Its Ok - you can kick back and take a break if you want - we won't judge.

- I've been neglecting my daily painting habit - so its time to kick that back up into high gear.  along with the beachy stuff, I want to practice painting flowers - so you'll be seeing some of those soon
- Also starting an open painting group in my studio - which is something Ive always wanted to do


Lee said...

I find your paintings inspirational.

Pat Voelz said...

Hi Debbie:

I found your site by accident but now I look for your e-mail and painting every day. I also really enjoy the Daily Painters website and all of the painters are so creative. I draw a lot of inspiration from you and the others. I am very impressed at the different kinds of techniques. Till tomorrow. Pat Voelz

Renee Brennan said...

Love your beach paintings and can't wait to see your flowers!

Leah Samour said...

Debbie, your paintings are beautiful! I'm excited to see your upcoming flowers as well :) I just found your blog on dailypainters and look forward to seeing more!

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