Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Me Away - and another blog mention and multitasking!

nfs - Take Me Away 8x10

a wedding gift for my cousin and his sweet bride who recently got married on the beach in Mexico.

Also check out the gorgeous design blog Zuniga Interiors! The lovely Michelle mentioned my art there last week and I am honored, such talent over there!! check it HERE

Currently, one of those "Calgon,take me away" moments seems pretty good. Painting, shipping,commisssions,framing, and working on my website (up and running soon) among other things...ya know Multitasking!!! and Oh yeh, this little note showed up this morning :

so if anyone would like to take me on their beach vacation, i'ld be happy to come along take some photos and paint for you! Calgon Take Me Away.....


laurens.paint.palette said...

This is hilarious!! Too cute! And the painting is really lovely!

RLG said...

You should have that framed. So adorable. xoxo, Renee

r garriott said...

Wonderful paintings... love your breezy coastal style.

The note? Priceless. (Harry needs to learn how to run the washer and dryer this summer.)