Note to Self

today is self portrait day over at Daily Painters. A challenge for sure. I havent tackled a self portrait is 20 years!!! yikes. As a student at RISD way back when, I took a portrait class my senior year and it was probably my favorite class. For a semester I had to do 5 portraits a week and bring them in for crit. Painted friends on occasion but mostly it was just me. Only a few survived over the years but everything I learned came right back. Found myself setting up my palette with the same colors and in the same order, adjusting the light and the mirror in the same familar way...everything the same except of course the image in the mirror! hmmmm, it was alot more fun back then but still such a great 'assignment' for any artist. Try One! I might make it a yearly event from now on. :)

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moodotv said...

Debbie! I am a pal of your mom's and she just sent me your website. I am inspired by you- you are going to get me going again after a 2 year slump!
Your work is so excellent and I appreciate that you share ideas and technique. Portraits? I am 76! Still it is a challenge that wouldn't hurt :)
I have done portraits for $$$ at fairs and on commission but never did any of my own 5 grandchildren! Bad dog Dot.
Keep up the great work - I studied your strokes in detail and you ARE GOOD! Nice going!

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