Thursday, March 22, 2007

Got Sugar?

6by8 oil on masonite Again a bad photo. when these dry, I'll scan them and see if that helps get a truer color. seem to have a thing for this tomato-orange color lately. sold


Steph said...

Hi Deb,
Love your idea for this site!
For some reason I am drawn to this simple sugar bowl painting. I think it's the colors.
Miss you guys!

Carol Marine said...

This is a lovely painting! I love the simplicity of the composition, and the colors are perfect.

I wanted to find you and thank you for your comments on my blog, only to find that I really like your paintings too. So thank you for sharing, and thank you for your comments. You mentioned my saying oranges are hard to paint - I have discovered it's the outside of them that I have such a hard time with. :) And when do I have time to paint with a toddler? I have a 2 hour window each day when I put him down for a nap. That and weekends. It's perfect for the dailies...and not much else at all. But I love it. Thanks again!!!

Kelley MacDonald said...

This one's my favorite, too!

Debbie Miller said...

thanks all!!