Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All Summer

20x20" nfs - oil,collage,encaustic on supported wood panel. All Summer. This is what happens when you paint everyday and cabin fever things start to happen. My favorite little surfers are making an appearance, along with favorite colors,bubbles and some vintage type from an old childrens book. all held together with encaustic - which is so fun to play with. I like to carve into it then rub oil colors on top which I did a little of here. Hard to photo these to get all the depth and color.

My brother paints with encaustic all the time and his work is gorgeous! He's got a tutorial on his blog that shows his process with encaustic and photo transfer, it really is worth a look. check it HERE.

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tracey clark said...

oh wow. this is so amazing. i adore it.