Hanging Hearts

I know, I know it is supposed to be "fresh air Friday".  Whatevs.  It is cold out there!  I will bundle up later and take the little dog for a walk.  Right now, it is all about hearts.
 Hanging recycled book pages hearts.  Really you can make these with whatever paper you want.  Go ahead and use up some of your pretty scrapbook papers.  I have a thing for old book pages so that is what I'm going with.  Plus it is free and who doesn't love free?!
Pretty simple.  Gather your paper, as many sheets as you like. Stack, fold, trace
 -( kindergarten stuff people! I teach K art, trust me)
Sew a line up the middle.  I suck at sewing so you REAL sewers out there - just snicker and look away from my stitches.
Originally I was going to water color the pages after I sewed them so I glued 2 sheets together to make them stiffer.  Changed my mind but this is an option.  I did add a little bead to the end and doodled a bit.  If I had a stack of these in 10th grade math there is no telling what I would of come up with.

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