Orange Tulips

orange tulip, black wall
I have a "thing" for orange tulips.  Especially masses of big ones crammed in clay pots like British garden queen Carol Kline pots them up. Naturally I never got around to planting any last fall so I've settled for some from the farm stand
orange tulips
 I was going to put them on my table in a big white pitcher but my mantle was looking a little bare.  It is a narrow mantle, too skinny for my pitcher so I took my old bottles out and put one tulip in each.
orange tulips and old bottles
orange tulips

orange tulips in old bottles
BTW - I think tulips are the hardest flower to paint.  I may have a go later this week at painting some just for the challenge of it.

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Dana S. Whitney said...

I haven't seen your tulip paintings... but in light of your comments that they were "hardest" to paint, I couldn't help but wonder if you'd tried peonies!

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