Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's on Your To Do List? - the business of art,Debbie Miller

So, making art is not all fun and games (although it is pretty cool).

-The business side of things has to be taken care of and it really is a time hog. -Every week, I try to set aside time for both. Its the only way to manage it.

**This is my bag of contacts. Yup - THAT is my mailing list. What a mess - but aren't my studio floors amazing?!

At least the info. is all in one place!!! Until I took Alyson B Stanfield's class "Cultivating Collectors" my lists were all over the place.

So - now I make time each week to put a few in a database. Its tedious but essential for my business. Check out Alyson's ArtBizBlog for more business of art advice - and her book is great too.

Thanks Alyson for mentioning my blog today!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hi Debbie ... just found your blog through a link from Alyson's ArtBizBlog. Love seeing your filing system. Made me laugh, but like your said, "At least the info. is all in one place!!!"

I'm new to oils and love reading your blog. I love your sunny, warm beach scenes.

thewillowsnest said...

Hi there Debbie.. I came here via Alyson's blog!
I just wanted to say I LOVE the fresh colors and movement in your latest artwork . gorgeous..vibrant and alive!!!
Your blog is a visual treat too.. it has inspired me to give mine a facelift!! :)
Cheers , Helen

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I'm so glad Allison mentioned your blog; that's how I found it and I love it.... lots of good ideas and I may steal a few of them.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I'm so glad Allison mentioned your blog; it's full of good ideas and I may steal a couple of them.

Debbie Miller said...

Yay! new friends :)
Helen - steal away

Cindy Michaud said...

I'm a previous follower! but loved Allison's class and her mention of your lovely website...onward!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You said it Debbie. This is the most time consuming and tedious part of being an artist. I am only just getting better at it...slowly.

graziano tessarolo said...

Really interesting and useful. Thank you, Graziano.
P.S. your studio floors are amazing!