Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Next - daily painting,beach scene,contemporary painting,debbie miller

6x6 oil on panel By Now I am sure my regular collectors and followers think Ive gone completely mad. I know what they are saying - "Where are those little beach scenes we've come to know and love? Where is the representational work - What are those lines? and my Gosh, what is happening to the skin tones!?" There's no explaining it. It's just happening. The other stuff is not totally gone - if you ask, I'd be happy to paint one for you. Its just that right now THESE are rocking my world. I can't seem to stop

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Diana Marshall said...

Love all your different styles especially the new ones. I was recently told I had too many styles, but I think if you are a creative person then you must keep experimenting and evolving. I get so inspired by other artists work and spend hours looking, which helps to give me fresh input and ideas.