Thursday, February 18, 2010

P#12 - sweety -portraits,children

6x6" oil
a little sweety. more portrait practice


Kim Blair said...

Lovely portrait. So delicate, soft yet playful. I am really enjoying your work.

Linda said...

So sweet! Love her little pouty lips and hair. Your portraits are just wonderful!

Veronica Funk said...

I'm really enjoying this portrait series.
I've left you a little gift on my blog :)

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

she is cute she is sweet I love this series.

moodotv said...

Debbie-! I am friends with Gerrie.
Love your paintings and want to set this goal for myself. You inspire me.

Do you often do a deep red underpainting?? Are they oils or acrylics?

The boys are certainly growing up and good-looking! Keep it up. Wonderful

Dot Vollans

moodotv said...

I'm a friend of Gerrie's- love your work and it is an inspiration. I have a neat studio and ought to be in there!

Do you use oil or acrylics? Do you use a deep red underpainting? My style is different but would like to know about yours.

Keep up the great work. DOT