Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Ahead and Soar

6x6" oil on wood panel sold
Be Creative, Be Yourself, Let your spirit take flight. Thats what I was thinking about today when I painted this. Marisa over at is encouraging everyone to do something, Anything creative today. This is what I did with that in mind. Now its your turn, doesnt have to be a painting...could be making cookies, writing a poem, taking a new way home from work, or stacking pumpkins on an urn like I did today. Try it! If you want send her a photo of your creativity!

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Kelley MacDonald said...

Girl, I haven't been on anybody's blog in a while, but I have really missed yours! You have been on FIRE! Loving your figures at the beach, loving your heart rocks (in our house it's white 'egg' rocks, same beach, same type of bowl). Your art really envelops your whole life, doesn't it - your choice of Fall decorations (Walkers Farm, right?), your pumpkins, it's amazing, and wonderful for your family. Think we could still paint at the beach after it's closed?