Monday, March 31, 2008

Jump - daily painting,beach,children

6x6" oil on panel
painting the beach AGAIN - sorry if its getting boring - actually have soooo many ideas rattling my brain that they wake me up, so i always have to focus and paint the familiar before moving on. wanted to make her cover up yellow but had a hard time of it SO went back to the pink - familiar - it works but yellow would have really popped.


Veronica Funk said...

I really enjoy your beach scenes. Being near the Rocky Mountains we don't get much of that and we also tend to get a number of dumps of snow at this time of year so your work is always refreshing.

Colleen Scherer said...

I love that you left it pink, funny as I am not much into the color pink.
Your paintings of Rhode Island invoke in me so many childhood days spend in that beautiful state with my parents and four brothers camping and exploring. I have since passed that love of "The Ocean State" onto my three children. Your paintings are amazings and bring sunshine into cloudy days.
PS. This one arrived to it's new home and is already a treasured member. Thank you. ~C~

katrina said...

The beach scenes are beautiful, not boring in the least. The paintings are fresh and lively, with colors that make me smile.